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Grow B-Plex Powerful Vitamin & Minerals Supplement 1Ltr

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    Product Description

    An Strongest Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin E ,Vitamin -C,Amino Acids & Minerals for Poultry ,Birds & Cattles

    Composition: Each 10 ml contains

    Vitamin B1 :  10 mg

    Vitamin B2 : 3 mg

    Vitamin B6 : 4 mg

    Vitamin B 12 : 5 mcg

    Vitamin E : 2.50 mg

    Methionine: 242 mg

    Lysine: 50 mg

    Niacinamide: 50 mg

    Biotin: 0.10 mg

    Calcium Pantothenate: 6 mg

    Choline Chloride: 54 mg

    Iron: 0.50 mg

    Copper: 0.150 mg

    Cobalt: 10.10 mcg

    Manganese: 0.450 mg

    Iodine: 0.52 mg

    Magnesium: 0.08 mg

    Zinc: 0.0130 mg

    Selenium: 0.022 mg

    Benefits for Birds & Animals :

    Prevents leg weakness, fatty liver syndrome & emaciation (loss of fat tissue) in poultry

    Improves growth and production & brings vitality back to animals and birds

    Prevents embryonal malformations & death of embryos in the shell

    Stimulates natural immunity & protects the liver & kidney

    Improves egg production, egg weight & egg quality

    Improves fertility, hatchability in a female breeder

    Improves poor feathering and nervous disorders

    Improves hatchability & reduces mortality

    Improves semen quality in a male breeder

    Improves carcass quality

    Dosage :
    For 100 Birds :
    Growers and Broilers : 8-10 ml. daily.
    Layers and Breeders : 10-15 ml. daily.

    For Cattle:
    Cow, Buffalo and Horse : 50-60 ml. daily.
    Goat, Sheep ,Pig & Calf : 25-30 ml, per day.
    Should be given daily for 7 to 10 days, every month or as recommended by veterinarian

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