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XH-W3001 Digital Display Temperature Controller 220V 10A | LED Temperature Controller with Thermosta



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    Your Bot W3001 220V 10A Digital LED Temperature Controller It can controlling using the Thermostat Control Switch Probe. Using this we can measure the temp. the range of the temp is -50 to 110 degree centigrade .This module is very accurate for detecting temperature. We can use in the Server Room, Cooling System, Industries Machinery etc. Temperature measuring range: -50 ~ 110℃ Temperature control range: -50 ~ 110℃. High temperature control precision of 0.1℃. Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.2℃ Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃ Input measurement: NTC10K probe L = 1 meter waterproof Input power: according to the classification of choice Output power: according to the classification of choice Appearance size: 60 x 45 x 31 mm LED display shows the results clearly. Can be installed directly or embedded in industrial control equipment panel, convenient and quick. Widely used in the hatching area, equipment case, air conditioning system, temperature control protection and other fields. 1M waterproof probe is equipped for convenient usage.Probe used stainless steel material, waterproof and does not rust easily. ABS flame retardant housing is avirulent and environmental protective. Voltage: 220V AC

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