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RD 150 Egg Incubator Controller



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    Product Description

    Power up the device with the power supply/transformer supplied with the device or use
    9-24V AC/DC 1A power supply.
    Boot screen will displayed for 7sec.
    Temperature (oC) will be displayed on the first display;
    Relative humeidity (rH) on the second display
    motor On/Off time will be on the third display.
    Press the SET button for 5 seconds to enter into the settings mode.
    Temperature will be displayed
    Default value: 27oC
    Range: 0 to 115 oC
    Temperature can be adjust using ‘+’ and ‘-’buttons.
    Press DOWN arrow for Relative Humidity
    Default value: 70
    Range:15 to 99
    Relative humidity can be adjust using ‘+’ and ‘-’buttons.
    Press DOWN arrow for Hysteresis(for Humidity)
    Default value: 0
    Range:0 to 10
    Hysteresis can be adjust using ‘+’ and ‘-’buttons.
    RL-1 will be ON once the humidity reaches value=(Set humidity-Hysteresis)
    When humidity reaches Set value; RL-1 will be OFF.
    Press DOWN arrow for OFF time
    Default value: 1 min
    Range:1 to 600 min
    Offtime can be adjust using ‘+’ and ‘-’buttons.
    Press DOWN arrow for ON time
    Default value: 10 sec
    Range:0 to 600 sec
    On time can be adjust using ‘+’ and ‘-’buttons.
    Press SET button to exit from settings mode
    To On/Off light
    Press the UP arrow for 1 seconds; RL-3 will be ON.
    Press the DOWN arrow for 1 second; RL-3 will be OFF.
    For manual rotation of motor; long press the ‘+’button.
    Press and hold ‘-’button to exit from ON time.
    Press the FN button to enter into the program mode.

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